Herman Brodie delivers an  'EICC Live' public talk, hosted by the Didasko Education Company at the Edinburgh International Conference Center.

Now more than ever, advisors are turning to experts in the field of behavioral finance to help navigate beyond the post-pandemic landscape. That’s why you won’t want to miss the 2nd annual Behavioral Advisor Forum, powered by UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. It’s the premier educational conference that combines behavioral science and finance.

This conference will highlight the different approaches taken by firms to break out of the mould and to implement new ideas to enhance D&I in their organisations. Herman Brodie is among the many speakers.

Many individuals turn to the financial industry to have a lucrative and fulfilling career. Of that, women in the financial services represent less than 17% of the industry population and only between 17–25% hold professional credentials, making it more difficult for women to achieve senior level leadership positions in the industry. We want to help change that.

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