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A Guide to Manipulation (for honest people) - Trailer

A Guide to Manipulation (for honest people) - Trailer

In every meeting, the person on the opposite side of the table can manipulate you. They can craftily influence the way you evaluate a situation or an asset; they can deftly nudge your probability estimations higher or lower; they can even pre-determine the way you ‘choose’ to understand information. Whether in a recruitment interview with a potential hire, or in a conversation with a finance director, those people have the possibility to manipulate your thoughts, beliefs, and judgements to suit their ends. Some people are particularly good at manipulation, either as a learned behaviour or as a natural talent. To climb the ranks of a large organisation, it is an indispensable skill. So, if your job involves, for example, trying to extract valuable information from CEOs of major firms, the chances are not only that they are good at it, but also that they are better at it than you. Sadly, in the manipulation stakes, the adage ‘forewarned is forearmed’ is hopelessly inadequate. The simple knowledge that manipulators are among us is a weak defence. This is because manipulation works through its ability to convince us that we were the ones who ‘had the idea in the first place’. So, to guard against it, one must take purposeful actions before, during and after the encounter. This briefing illustrates the science behind some of the investment world’s most common manipulation techniques and shows how you can use them on yourself to prevent others from using them on you. Due of the nature of the subject matter, only honest people need attend.

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