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The Renowned Investment Course Goes Online

Didasko, the education company, has teamed up with Heriot-Watt University to provide its unique A Practical History of Financial Markets course online, available to anyone, anytime, wherever you live. Engaging and informative, and yet both practical and useful, this course will equip participants with a deep foundational knowledge, lead to a keen understanding of the workings of financial markets, and help guide their decisions and activities. Herman Brodie, Prospecta’s founding director, has supplied his Behavioural Finance Essentials module in a series of videos that capture the wisdom and intrigue of the live version.

"I attended the Practical History of Financial Markets course* last week. I just wanted to say thank you for a superb presentation! I have a PhD in behavioural economics myself, so I was pretty familiar with the concepts you covered. Nevertheless it was a tour de force - wonderfully delivered and well thought-out. As well as having a particularly engaging speaking style, you did a great job at connecting all of the psychological insights to investing/ investment decision-making, which isn't easy. Too often the material can become more like a bunch of disconnected anomalies which don't relate as well as they could to what people do in their day to day roles. Not so in your case - we were all left with greater understanding of the underlying concepts and specific ways in which these can help us improve in our roles." - Peter Scott, Partner at Mudita Management *In-person course, in London 6th -8th October, 2021


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